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Are Your Clients Benefiting From the Nonsubscription Advantage?

If your clients aren't using the Texas nonsubscription option, you may be able to offer them the best Christmas present they'll receive this year. If they are already nonsubscribers, the Combined Group team offers the largest nonsubscriber program and support in the Texas marketplace and is ready to be a resource to you in helping better serve your clients.

In Texas, businesses have the option of opting out, or "nonsubscribing," from the state's workers' compensation system. In doing so, a properly implemented nonsubscription program presents several advantages to employers and insurers over the traditional workers' comp occupational injury plan. Nonsubscribers are able to realize increased oversight and savings resulting from greater control over their exposure, claim cost and lost time elements. Fraud and malingering are also reduced because of the employer's close coordination of the program. No more reliance on a government bureaucracy's control over a business's occupational injury program. The added advantage is that nonsubscription programs offer quick access to quality medical care to injured employees, often resulting in return-to-work rates that are higher than the traditional system.

Nonsubscription may not be right for everyone, but businesses of all sizes in industries including manufacturers, retail, health care and transportation have discovered it's a fit for them. Most have realized savings of 25-50 percent over their current workers' compensation program. In addition to the savings, nonsubscribers benefit from reduced litigation and a reduction of questionable claims. Faster delivery of benefits and the use of medical providers that produce superior results ensure better outcomes for injured workers.

Nonsubscription programs allow businesses to demonstrate their concern for their employees. The programs are successful because nonsubscribing employers have skin in the game, increase their focus on workplace safety and exercise heightened oversight of the administration of medical benefits.

It's a win-win for employers and their employees. Take a few minutes to learn about how your clients can utilize the Combined Group's experienced and talented team of professional advisers, underwriters, loss control specialists, adjusters, nurses and litigation adjusters to improve their workers' comp program. They'll thank you for doing so and realize the value you provide their operations.

Contact us for a quick overview about how you can offer your clients improved medical outcomes for their employees, reduce fraudulent claims, encourage return to work and generate significant savings while doing so.

Texans Benefit From Alternatives to Workers' Compensation

Texas has become the nation's economic engine in large part by allowing competition to thrive in markets, even in such unlikely activities as providing benefits for injured workers. Click here for full article.

All About You: The Personality and Character Ethics

We all have times where we feel unsatisfied with our career, or our home life, or ourselves. There is a deluge of advice available for how to lose that extra 10 pounds, or spice up your marriage, or land that new client at work. But so many of these suggestions are superficial quick fixes that leave you feeling more unsuccessful than when you started.

In his best-seller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven R. Covey argues that since the end of WWI, Americans have been living by what he calls a "personality ethic." We now believe that success is born out of the external — your public image, your ability to intimidate and control, power plays, and slick communication skills.

It wasn't always this way. For the first 200 years of American life we followed a "character ethic," where success, happiness and satisfaction were the end result of integrating principles like humility, courage, justice and patience into our character. Satisfaction came from the inside out, not the other way around.

Challenge: Take a minute of your day to think about a character principle that you could nurture in yourself. What are three small actions you can take today that embody that principle?