Employee Retirement Income Security Act

(Texas Injury Benefit Plan)

An ERISA occupational injury benefit plan is an essential element of any effective non-subscriber program. We absolutely require that an approved ERISA plan be adopted and implemented by each non-subscriber insured. The ERISA plan details the provisions, procedures and requirements for: benefit levels, benefit periods, medical payments, approved medical providers, employee injury reporting requirements, drug and alcohol testing, loss of benefits for failure to comply with rehabilitation and other plan requirements, disability benefit levels and time periods, definitions of all key terms, and requirements for payment of death, burial, and dismemberment benefits.

The ERISA Plan's Summary Plan Description and Mandatory Arbitration Agreement are presented to the employees in formal meetings. The arbitration provisions are designed to be binding on employees simply through disclosure in the meeting with their signature required on a signup sheet. Because of the ERISA plan's importance, we insist on the use of Combined Group's plan with its cost built into our non-subscription program or an approved plan within 60 days of the policy effective date.