Texas Nonsubscription

Our nonsub products provide indemnity for an employer's expenses under an ERISA employee welfare plan.  Employers appreciate their ability to exercise more control over claims cost and administration, as well as choice of medical providers.  Subject to a binding arbitration provision, these policies also provide defense and legal liability expense coverage for workplace injury-related litigation in both state court and in federal court.



News and Updates

USLI Now in BOPExpress!

Express class and carrier expansion on BOPExpress now includes USLI for both admitted and non-admitted classes for Package, General Liability, and Property. Paying 15% commission for new business (phone and web quotes)!

Classes include: Restaurants, LRO’s, Artisan Contractors, Janitorial, Fitness Centers, Vacant Buildings and many more! Check out the details!

Quote now with more offerings than ever and get up to 4 carriers quotes with a single-entry!