Nonsubscription Products and Services

Our Products and Services

Combined Group has been the leader in nonsubscription for more than thirty years by offering products and services that our competition cannot match. We are continually looking to improve our products, which is evident with the $25,000,000 limit and low SIR options. Our nonsubscription program provides:


  • Old Republic Insurance (A.M. Best Rating A+)
  • American Fidelity (A.M. Best Rating A+ VIII)

Liaison- Anchor Claims will be the contact for any/all claims with the Insurance Carrier. Note, any claim reported to Anchor Claims, is deemed reported to the Carrier (which means no coverage issues on late reporting).

Consulting Services- included -Use Anchor Claims as your resource for questionable claim situations, coverage issues/concerns with Insurance Carrier, legal issues, or just to "run a scenario" by us for additional guidance. We have over 20-years of Texas Nonsubscriber claims administration experience. Anchor's claims administration may be "unbundled" and serve as the TPA for other nonsubscription carriers.

Medical Bill Review- "State of the Art" Medical Bill Review Software - we will audit any/all of your medical bills for any allowable reductions. Just submit your bills to Anchor Claims. Once submitted, Anchor Claims will return an Explanation of Review (EOR). Simply take this EOR, attach your payment, and mail to the Medical Provider. On average, we provide a 40% savings to our Clients. (Please note, there is a fee for our Bill Review Service.)

Safety/Loss Control- An on-site loss control visit is included in our program. Anchor Risk will evaluate loss patterns and give safety recommendations as needed. If Insured felt they needed more attention in a specific area, Anchor Risk can assist.

ERISA Oversight- An ERISA plan will be provided by Combined Group, customized for Insured. Combined Group will assist in planning and implementation of the ERISA roll out.