Our nonsubscription products provide indemnity for an employer's expenses under an ERISA employee welfare plan.  Employers appreciate their ability to exercise more control over claims cost and administration, as well as choice of medical providers.  Subject to a binding arbitration provision, these policies also provide defense and legal liability expense coverage for workplace injury-related litigation in both state court and in federal court.

Combined Group is a full underwriting entity in Texas that offers distinct nonsub products to help agents serve the needs of their commercial clients.  With Combined Group's underwriting binding authority, TPA claims services, in-house safety inspections and loss control, Combined Group agents can provide the best on-the-job injury insurance options available to their clients, whether they want Workers' Comp or with to be nonsubscribers.

Let Combined Group help you develop the expertise to offer your commercial clients all the workplace injury insurance options they have available to them.  We'll help you develop a nonsub portfolio/program for your agency that will make your clients happy and boost your production.

All on-the-job injury insurance is not the same, especially if you are in the Lone Star State.  Texas employers have the unique ability to opt out of the Workers' Compensation system, under the original law written in 1913.  However, those employers, known as nonsubscribers, still need insurance coverage in the event of workplace injury.  That is where nonsubscription come in.

Widely considered the most reliable expert for nonsubscription solutions, Combined Group helps agents understand and gain access to this on-the-job injury insurance program that fully protects Texas employers who opt to be nonsubscribers to Workers' Compensation.

A third of all Texas employers, including many well-known companies, are nonsubscribers, yet only a small fraction of insurance agents offer the nonsubscription alternative to their clients.  Combined Group gives agents the tools and knowledge they need to offer nonsub products, which are both competitively priced and allow competitive commissions as well.